Treating your patients’ dysbiosis

Watch the video to understand how and why this course teaches you how to safely prescribe individualized and assertive treatments for your patients’ dysbiosis.

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What our students say about the course

Don’t try fitting your patient inside a box

Health is a broad and never-ending subject. We certainly investigate how to simplify and organize our studies. We do it by primarily dividing our knowledge into little storage boxes.

In this way, we become experts in specific fields:

There is a box for the digestive system, another for the endocrine system, another for the neurological system, and so on…

What is the problem?

Despite being an excellent teaching resource, this reasoning hides an undeniable truth: health is systemic!

In other words, all of these “little boxes” are part of the same human being.

Everything is connected.

“All diseases start in the gut.”

400 years ago, Hippocrates had already said that.

Most recent academic and scientific data proves that he was right:

SOURCE: ACS Chem. Neurosci. 2023, 14, 1717-1763.

Starting from 2016, there has been an undeniable rise of studies that connect gut microbiota with many diseases, such as cancer, depression, and sleep disorders.

We are increasingly more conscious that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

While many professionals search for the magic pill, a quick and easy solution to be “copied and pasted” when treating patients, I believe the opposite.

I do not believe that blindly following protocols, treatment patterns, diets, and formulas that generalize people and may offer treatment to some cases, but ignore all others, is the correct way.

Let alone in a scenario where around 77% of the American population turns to self-medication when, in the best of cases, it results in a relief of symptoms, not in a solution to the problem.

What is the consequence?

Even when the simplest conditions may be aggravated because the ROOT CAUSE of the issue was not solved, and it results in a dependence on medication to relieve symptoms, as well as side effects.

It is a snowball effect, and we need to prevent it by getting to the ROOT CAUSE OF OUR PATIENTS’ PROBLEM AND INDIVIDUALIZING THEIR TREATMENT.

At college, we are not taught how to observe our body as a whole, and very few healthcare professionals consider the relation between what it’s at the center of everything and the correlated diseases: gut microbiota, or should I say gut microbiota imbalance, also known as dysbiosis.

If you want to deeply understand this condition and become a professional that actually solves your patient’s problem, I can help you with that.

The Advanced Course in Treating Dysbiosis shows you how to make real changes in patients’ quality of life, with practical tools and contextualization so you do not memorize what to do, but actually understand the reasoning.

About the professor

Fellow at the Medical Gastroenterology service in the University of Barcelona in 1999 and former resident of General Surgery. Specialist in Digestive Endoscopy, is a member of the American Academy of Functional Medicine, and was recently chosen for a Master’s Degree in Integrative Health Sciences at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.

Author of the books “Quebrando o Círculo Vicioso” (“Breaking the Vicious Cycle”, in a free translation) and “Imunidade, Intestinos e Covid19” (“Immunity, guts and COVID-19”), as well as co-author of “Tratado de Endoscopia Digestiva” (“Digestive Endoscopy Treaty”) at the University of São Paulo (USP).

Having spoken about Gastroenterology, Microbiota, and Dysbiosis at many national and international congresses, Denise now chairs the Advanced Course in Treating Dysbiosis, teaching you all three pillars of the Carvalho “Oak” Method that helped her treat and improve hundreds of lives of patients with dysbiosis.

How can you regulate your patient's microbiota?

There is an environment around the soil where the oak was planted: it is surrounded by habits, feeding, stress, sleep, emotional context, history of diseases, social life… and so on.

The root is the microbiota itself–depending on its surroundings, it can change and become a dysbiotic trunk, (the pillar of a tree).

On the branches, we find dysbiosis ramifications of its many systems and diseases correlated.

Leaves and fruits from that tree will always need its root–that is, the microbiota.

How do we adjust microbiota to avoid dysbiosis? Soil control.

How is this course structured?

It is important to understand your patient’s clinical history and the reasoning behind the treatment, not only the symptoms.

For you to gain those skills, there are eight lessons divided in three modules:

Carvalho Method

“The Carvalho Method” – Comprehend all about dysbiosis, it’s origin and manifestations

Initial strategies for individualized treatment

“The Carvalho Method” – Comprehend all about dysbiosis, it’s origin and manifestations

Advanced strategies of treatment complementation

Learn advanced and essential strategies to complement the treatment of more complex cases. We will discuss phytotherapy, probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics, paraprobiotics, and much more.

You will acquire the clinical reasoning necessary for diagnosing and treating dysbiosis in a clear, safe, individualized, accessible, and effective manner.

To make sure you get even better results, I have prepared some special gifts:

Osteopathy when treating dysbiosis | Doctor Fabrício Lopes

In numerous instances, digestive motility is the missing piece for patients to get rid of dysbiosis. You will understand how to identify these cases and how to implement osteopathy during the treatment.

Doctor Fabrício Lopes holds a master’s degree in Anatomy from Unicamp and is a postgraduate professor at Colégio Brasileiro de Osteopatia (CBO, the Brazilian College of Osteopathy).

Gut dysbiosis recurrence related to oral dysbiosis | Doctor Isabella Gurgel

In many instances, gut dysbiosis may reemerge due to another imbalance in the patient’s oral microbiota. To avoid this from happening, an oral dysbiosis treatment is needed.

In this lesson, you will learn how to identify if a patient is suffering from oral dysbiosis and how to refer them for treatment.

Doctor Isabella Gurgel is a graduate student from Piracicaba Dental School at the State University of Campinas (FOP/Unicamp), as well as an Implant and Prosthetics specialist from Associação dos Cirurgiões Dentistas de Campinas (Dental Surgeons Association in Campinas).

What to do when a patient is already on a very strict diet and starts a dysbiosis treatment? | Professor Annete Marum

Commonly, patients walk into the doctor’s office already following an extreme diet. To have positive treatment outcomes, we will need to expand their nutrition. But this reintroduction requires an appropriate process; otherwise, we could further aggravate the patient’s dysbiosis.

In this lesson, you will learn the best way of conducting a food reintroduction with the patient.

Professor Annete Marum is a Nutrition PhD, Master, and Doctor from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), as well as a Nutrition and Precision Medicine professor.

The Carvalho “Oak” Method

Without the Carvalho “Oak” Method

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